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The company was established in 1993 and is currently a leading manufacturer of flat glass tempering furnaces, active in both national and international markets thanks to its long-standing knowledge and experience in this specific sector, using some of the most sophisticated technological innovations and maintaining high standards of quality never reached before.
  Right from the start, thanks to the enthusiasm and passion of a closely-knit team, it didn't take long for the first results to appear, allowing the company to become increasingly more successful, starting in the Italian market by installing various glass tempering systems considered synonyms for quality and innovation, then expanding to the surrounding European countries.
  In the early 2000s the need to meet increasingly more demanding requests and goals in both national and international markets led the company to increase its production capacity and expand its technical and sales organisations, so new premises of 4,000 m2 were built where all of the systems are now designed and manufactured, resulting in more rationalised production activities and excellent functionality.
  Mappi systems have become a synonym for reliability and production quality thanks to the commitment and choices made by the company's management, orientated towards constant research and technological product development.
  The in-house technical department is responsible for research and development, with the help of a team of experts working on systems of the latest generation, carefully following new designs and updating operating programs for furnace models already in use.
  With more than 200 furnaces already installed all over the world, our systems guarantee high production capacities and high standards of quality, thanks also to the Air Convection System designed to temper Low-E products of the latest generation including the magnetronic Soft Coating with an index of 0.02, whilst remaining extremely easy to use and having a minimum impact on the environment.
  The company has always been committed to meeting the most difficult challenges and an increasingly high number of these are related to the environment. The goal set was to analyse the energy consumed by tempering furnaces, and based on this data create designs capable of reducing energy consumption, guaranteeing an optimum product t a very low energy cost.
  The company operates through a widespread sales network covering the whole national territory, the major European countries and North and South America. Results in Europe have been very satisfying, as have those in the North American market where in response to the success encountered to date and the development potential offered by the area, the Mappi North America Corp. was established in 2007 and two branches were opened, one in Chicago and the other in Montreal, in Canada, to expand our sales presence in the area and offer a complete and efficient customer assistance service.
  Following a detailed and complete engineering study, Mappi and Glaverbel had realized a Convection System for glass tempering which amplifies the potential of Mappi Technology.
  Mappi and Glaverbel had realized a Convection System for glass tempering which amplifies the potential of Mappi Technology. This System, called the Glaverbel Heat Balance System "GHBS", is superior in tempering the latest generation of low-e. It is indicated for all those temperable products requiring a very high quality glass or for products with laminated or glazed frames and large dimensions. The pre-heated air which moves around the upper and lower surfaces of the glass allows an increase in the absorption of heat and gives a homogeneous temperature in all thicknesses and sizes of the glass. The automatic management of this system allows only the glass to be treated by the air flow. These "GHBS" software control the air flow only when and where the glass is present, providing different configurations for every possible need.
  TOUCHâ„¢ is a new Integrated System for the Automatic Control of Production and Processes in order to meet CE Standards of finished products, with automatic archiving of each and every single process cycle.
  Intelligent Heating System for self-organizing heating, allowing concentrated heating only in those zones where the glass is present, eliminating overheating of rollers not covered by glass. The specific software AUTOMATICALLY manages all the heating zones.
  Multizone Heating System, provides homogeneous glass heating and is particularly suited for soft coated glass.
  Energy Saving System, obtained through optimizing management of electronic controls and settings of the ventilator and all heating zones.
  A modem is included with the furnace for a Tele Assistance System, which allows Mappi to quickly check the conditions of the furnace, download recipes and provide trouble shooting of the furnace. Our furnaces are completely managed by a Siemens PLC, the processing variables are set from the keyboard and the global processing is controlled through a monitor.
  The Fox series is designed to satisfy the demands of the small to medium sized glassworks that are interested in integrating a compact tempering plant but are limited by available space. The Fox series maintains high quality standards while remaining economical
  The AU series is the conventional range of machines known worldwide for their best performances in terms of quality and versatility, designed for glassworks with mixed types of production and applications (building, interior decoration, automotive).
  The Tutan series was conceived to meet the requirements of glassworks, who need to temper large sheets with top quality standards mainly for building applications
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